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Maleki, Nahal; Vosoughi, Azadeh; Rahnavard, Nazanin

Distributed Binary Detection Over Fading Channels: Cooperative and Parallel Architectures Journal Article

In: IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, vol. 65, no. 9, pp. 7090-7109, 2016.

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Joneidi, Mohsen; Ahmadi, Parvin; Sadeghi, Mostafa; Rahnavard, Nazanin

Union of low-rank subspaces detector Journal Article

In: IET Signal Processing, vol. 10, no. 1, pp. 55–62, 2016.

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Joneidi, Mohsen; Zaeemzadeh, Alireza; Rezaeifar, Shideh; Abavisani, Mahdi; Rahnavard, Nazanin

LFM signal detection and estimation based on sparse representation Conference

Information Sciences and Systems (CISS), 2015 49th Annual Conference on, IEEE 2015.

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